Health Screening With Biometric Analysis

An effective starting point - Best life offers a one-on-one employee health screening program using the powerful results of Biometric Analysis. We provide our clients with accurate results of a personal health profile to recognize the areas of effective wellness consulting. This starting point allows for a high value and effective wellness solution program. 

Understanding The Issue

The cost of unhealthy lifestyles and behavior is significant, not only for overall health and happiness of employees, but to the bottom line. Increasing studies and research unanimously support the investment in corporate wellness programs and the benefits it yields. No matter how large or small you business is, companies receive many benefits after implementing a work site wellness program including:

  • Increase in employee morale
  • Improved employee health
  • Reduction in workers compensation claims
  • Reductions in absenteeism
  • Increases in productivity and problem solving capabilities  
  • Reduce health associated corporate costs
  • Improves the company's Best Life!   

Best Life Wellness Solutions success is based on our one-on-one approach and personal touch to wellness programs and initiatives for our clients. We understand that each business and workforce need to be worked with individually and not with a “one solution fits all” approach.

We are dedicated to providing unique, engaging and results oriented programs that will make a difference personally and professionally.